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Camp Kanga

2396 Crystalbrook Road
Prosperpine QLD 4800

Phone 07 4947 2600


Address 2396 Crystalbrook Road
Prosperpine QLD 4800

Situated close to Lake Proserpine, Proserpine, North Queensland, Australia and run by Lions District 201Q2, Camp Kanga offers endless fun and activities. Camp activites include Water Skiing, Great Barrier Reef trips (snorkeling, etc), ocean rafting, canoeing, indoor and outdoor sports, bush dancing, days at the beach, group activities, presentations and much more.

Camp Kanga offers catered or self catered camps for groups up to 230 people. We welcome, school camps, community camps and other organised camps.

Camp facilities include a large commercial kitchen, BBQ Area, meeting hall, rooms with wheelchair access, indoor and outdoor recreation facilities. Our onsite mangers, are available at all times to ensure your camp runs smoothly.